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Ramadan Lantern Art Project

ramadan blog
The Holy Month of Ramadan is such a special time for our family, and Muslims all over the world. This Ramadan, the kids made some cool lanterns. It was such an easy project, and they really enjoyed the creative task while listening to some Ramadan Nasheeds for children.

(This project may require adult supervision for safety purposes.)

What You’ll Need


Paper or Cardstock
Materials to decorate your lantern with: stickers, glitter glue, sequins, ribbons, etc.

Let’s Begin


1. Start out with a Letter size, or any rectangular sheet of paper or cardstock.


2. Cut a 1-inch wide strip off on one short side. Set this aside for the handle.


3. Fold the paper in half, lengthwise.


4. Draw a horizontal line one inch from the long edge opposite the fold.

*This line is a guide for cutting. Older kiddos may not need it!

5. Starting from the folded edge, cut a straight line about an inch from one short edge, all the way up to the horizontal line.

6. Continue to cut more straight lines about 1 inch apart until you reach the opposite short edge of the paper. Remember that the horizontal line marks the point where you stop cutting each straight line.


7. Unfold the paper. The paper will have several vertical slits along the middle. Erase any pencil marks or re-fold the crease the opposite way to hide the pencil marks at the back.


8. Ideas for decorating:

a.) Make a border by painting with any water-based paint or coloring with crayons or oil pastels.
b.) Create patterns and details with glitter glue, puffy paint, or markers.
c.) Glue on a strip of wide ribbon to make a border.
d.) Add texture by gluing on materials like craft foam or felt shapes, small buttons, beads, sequins, ribbon, lace, etc. Not too much though. You don’t want your paper to be too heavy!

Leave at least a half-inch of undecorated area on one top corner. You’ll need this space to connect the two edges of the paper to form a lantern.


9. Form the paper into a tube shape to transform it into a lantern. Overlap the long edges at least a half-inch. Staple or tape the top and bottom corners.

10. Glue on the paper handle from Step 2. Decorate the handle if you like.

Lantern Ramadan

Once the glue dries, hang the paper lantern as a Ramadan decoration.


Of course I couldn’t leave out the toddler! 🙂 She got creative for Ramadan also!

Ramadan Mubarak from our family to yours!!!


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