About HomeschoolGlitter


About PageAs a mother with four children, I started HomeschoolGlitter as a way to share my experiences and life as a homeschooling mother. HomeschoolGlitter is also a  blog where parents, educators, or curious minds can find helpful advice, tips, and fun activities.


My experience in education started in 2007, as I provided private child care services out of my home. At this time, I was in college working on my B.A. in English. After graduation in 2011, I decided to continue on with my graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction earning a M.Ed. in 2013. Through observations, practicum, and student teaching, my graduate courses led me to a variety of classroom experiences in traditional school settings where different learning methods were used.

I also began the journey of homeschooling in 2011. Currently, my children are enrolled in an online program, but that is coming to an end. . .quickly!!! I want to have more control over what, and how my children learn. I will get into this discussion more in my blogs. I have tons to talk about when it comes to online programs, versus homeschooling YOUR WAY!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to glitter!!!


2 thoughts on “About HomeschoolGlitter

  1. Although my children attend a traditional school, I supplement their education at home. I need ideas, motivation and support to continue giving them the best education I can. For this reason I am so excited about this blog! Thank you so much for this!


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