Our Home Life

Cardboard Tube Puppets

This is an easy fun activity for kids. They’ll enjoy knowing the importance of recycling, and look forward to making a really cool art project. What You Need (Basic Items): Cardboard tube from a paper towel roll Small brown paper bag Any kind of paper White craft glue Scraps of construction paper Tape                                                                                                                                                                                              Scissors Let’s… Continue reading Cardboard Tube Puppets

Transition to Home School

The Journey to Real Homeschooling

Woohoo!!! I’m making progress with transitioning my children from their online k-12 program to REAL home schooling as its stated on my state’s department of education website that: “Many parents think that online schools fall into the category of home schooling, this is NOT true” I called my state’s department of education, received loads of… Continue reading The Journey to Real Homeschooling